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Fashion 360: A Conversation With 2 Of India’s Iconic Fashion Brands – ISHARYA + Pankaj &

We sat down with two iconic Indian fashion brands ahead of the upcoming (and very popular) Fashion Rocks A/W 2016 truck show hosted by Melange and Isharya, in Singapore on Thursday November 17th.


ISHARYA is a premium costume jewelry brand for every lifestyle. Inspired by India’s intricate and vibrant style, Isharya blends modern techniques with heirloom details to create on trend, high quality jewelry that is provocative and sophisticated, yet available at accessible price points. From dramatic chandelier earrings to jewel encrusted cuffs and bold cocktail rings, each piece is designed to fuse a California chic aesthetic with Bollywood glamour.


1. How has consumption of jewelry changed? Do Indian women wear jewellery differently today?

Jewelry has cultural significance for Indians as almost every occasion and milestone is marked with the gifting of jewelry. This was always considered to be a gift that would appreciate, have longevity and serve as a form of investment.

Jewelry for Fashion’s sake and to make a personal style statement is a newer but fast growing concept among Indian women and today they look for versatility ( can I wear this with my Western ensembles as well as traditional wear), comfort ( the heaviness of traditional Indian jewelry has been replaced with clean, lightweight designs) and ease ( the easier to wear the better). Jewelry is increasingly less about its future value and serves a more personal, current need – to be trendy and stand out in a crowd; an extension of ones personal style statement.

We have seen this as the demand for our lightweight, gold-plated, statement designer jewelry has steadily risen year after year.


2. How does your jewellery appeal to the global consumer?

ISHARYA designs are Indian inspired but designed with a global woman in mind, so the silhouettes are clean and contemporary. Women in the USA, Europe, the Middle East and Asia are each able to find designs that resonate with their sensibilities. In fact, ISHARYA is sold at fine stores in each of these markets such as Harvey Nichols, UK and Bloomingdales Dubai.

3. Who is your style icon?

We have many style icons and muses and one of them is Amal Clooney as she exudes confidence, intelligence, beauty, grace and success (and she married George Clooney!) she certainly stands out and that’s an attribute we feel the right accessories can embody as well.


4. Who is the Isharya woman?

The ISHARYA woman is well- travelled and knows quality and luxury, is discerning in her tastes and wants to be different and effortlessly chic.

5. What inspires your designs?

Our designs are inspired by nature, architecture, history, traditional jewelry-making techniques and our travels. Each collection has a well/ thought out theme and new collections we will be showing in Singapore are Paradise Dew, Abstract Mughal and Devi Diva.


Pankaj and Nidhi, one of the most talented couple designers from India, are known for their “fresh and crisp” sensibility. Their designs are truly eclectic with a generous use of colours inspired by craftsmanship, symbolic and cultural objects of the world. The rise of this label has been spectacular and truly has an international appeal.


1. How do you feel Indian fashion has evolved over the years?

Indian fashion has evolved dramatically over the last 10 years or so – the industry has become professional and more organized, successful Fashion Weeks are conducted on calendar, talented young designers have emerged and gone on to make waves globally and in India; most importantly – the Indian consumer has become as fashion conscious as his/her counterpart in New York or Hong Kong – and this has created a market and demand for a great product and fantastic brands.

2. How have indian designers held on to their heritage whilst appealing to the global Indian women?

Indian designers are working with the vast craft and textile landscape of India – hand-loom fabrics such as Chanderi and Khadi are getting a huge revival, hand-block printing, intricate embroideries – all feature in their DNA, from being a manufacturing hub, India is now a creative hub, catering not only to the Indians but also the global customer.


3. Who is the Pankaj and Nidhi woman?

The Pankaj & Nidhi woman is someone who values craft and loves all things hand-made. She is elegant and fashionable !

4. Does your consumer extend beyond indian women?

The Pankaj & Nidhi brand retails through several doors across the world and while the biggest market is India, there is a growing global presence.


5. What is the inspiration behind your current collection?

The current collection has its inspirations rooted in Imperial Military traditions in a robust color palette navy, gold and black & white in signature Indian embroideries done in modern interpretations.

6. Name a style icon.

In India, Sonam Kapoor and Deepika Padukone and Internationally, Michelle Obama.

 Fashion Rocks A/W 2016 truck show hosted by Melange and Isharya

Please visit to see clothes by Pankaj and Nidhi and jewelry and fashion accessories by Isharya.


Melange creator, the gorgeous Samia Khan

Melange creator, Samia Khan wearing Pankaj and Nidhi A/W 2016 Collection

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