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How To Rewire Your Brain To Be More HAPPY. A Step-By-Step Guide Awaits..

OK listen up everybody…

Before we unlock the secrets on how to rewire your brain to become more happy, we would like to set the tone with this video. [youtube id= “d-diB65scQU” width=”667″ height=”356″]

Happiness isn’t something that happens magically, it is a process that we have to work towards every single day. Sometimes we tie our happiness to external circumstances but it’s actually more about our mentality and states of mind. When you make your happiness more about your brain, you will find that the circumstances become less important. The key to arriving at this conclusion is a rewiring of your mentality.

Spend Your Mental Credit Wisely

Consider your brain and thoughts as a credit card with a limited amount of funds on it. Ask yourself whether you would waste money on a card on useless things that make you feel bad about yourself. The same goes for your mental credit. Nothing makes us as unhappy as wasting our mind on regrets, pitfalls, setbacks and insecurities so make yourself happy by spending mental credit on your passions, hobbies, blessings and loved ones. Pay more attention to your mind so that you notice your thinking patterns. How often do you focus on your negative and how hard is it for you to think about the good things? Once you start actively thinking about your mental habits, you can learn to stop yourself before you drown in the river of misery.

Don’t Play to an Audience

The happiest people aren’t always the wealthiest, but rather the people who are able to be themselves. The truth about life is that you’ll never be able to please everyone, so you’re better off finding what makes you happy and sticking to that. Playing to an audience is difficult because it means you can never get comfortable in your own skin. Find what gives you guilt free happiness and let that be what determines who you are.


Do a Mind Reframe

Mind reframes are simple; it’s basically the concept of looking at the glass half full instead of half empty. What makes people so unhappy is the fact that we tend to dwell on the bad things that happened to us. Rewire your mind so that you learn to see the good, even when bad things happen. Train yourself to think that everything around you works in your favour and helps to build you into a stronger and better person. When you miss a job opportunity tell yourself that there is a better one coming, see the lessons in your failures and even in the worst of times remind yourself that you are nearing a breakthrough. Not only does this change your outlook on the world but it will also make you resilient, more content and able to get through the setbacks that life brings.

Try Gratitude

Sometimes we focus on the bigger things in our lives that we overlook the smaller wonderful things that happen to us every single day. You will be a happier person once you become more grateful for what you do have. At the end of every day, say to yourself “I could have a whole lot more, but I could also have a whole lot less” and then list every good thing that happened to you. Be grateful for every meal, the times you have with your children and even the fact that you are alive today. Once you start looking for the good, you will see that you’re actually luckier than you give yourself credit for.


Find Value in your Life

While money and financial freedom are great things to have, they shouldn’t be the sole reasons for our existence. If the only peaks in your life are the times you get paid, you waste all those other times obsessing about what you’ll do with your money instead of finding ways to add real value to your life. Find something to look forward to everyday and something to wake up for so that every day is a chance for you to be happy. Think less about the money and more about the smiles and laughs you can have as well as the wonderful memories and moments you create in your life.

Limit the Negative

Whether it is people, environments or circumstances, it’s important to cut out anything that breeds negativity in your life. Negativity tends to have the power to ruin our day or mentally drag us down, so why waste energy on it? Sometimes you have to make hard decisions like cutting out associates and friends who don’t serve you well. While it seems near impossible, you’ll find that you’ll be happier afterwards. Rudyard Kipling says, “If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster, and treat these two imposters just the same…” which speaks to the concept that our happiness should be less about what’s happening around us and more about what we think of ourselves. The start of the process to happiness is rewiring your mind to see it this way.



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