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In Need Of A Saint?

It all began when my good friend Kellee Cruse went on a personal adventure through Mexico. Being both wild-spirited and passionate in equal doses, Kellee discovered something very interesting on this trip. She discovered self inspiration to create the famous jewellery line Santós Wish.

Kellee explains that the inspiration behind Santós Wish  is the spirit of Mexico and her colorful people. The divine inspiration for Santós Wish (meaning “Saints” in Spanish) and something that resonates deeply throughout the collections.

Kellee created the range in a bid to capture Mexico’s colur and spiritual essence in unique fashion adornments that carry a special sentiment for wearers: each of the Santós Wish  designs incorporates one or more of the twelve most popular Saints that represent Love, Courage, Family, Luck, Success, Protection, Strength, Health, Peace, Beauty, Travel and Miracles.

So do you wish you were lucky in love?

Looking for success?

Seeking inner, outer strength and beauty?

Count your blessings – the stunning new season Libertad Ángeles (L.A.) collection from Santós wish will remind you of the belleza (beautiful) things in life each time you wear it. “The L.A. collection is born from love and liberty,”  says Kellee. “As well as the iconic lucky saint charms to choose from, the L.A. collection includes a striking new design element, stunningly illustrated international carved brass, silver and gold coins from Mexico and around the world.”

Now let’s marvel at this amazing new collection I absolutely adore and take a trip to the land of the saints..

And a few classics & collectables!!!

Celebrity – Who’s wearing what?

Jessica Hart

Isabel Lucas


Paris Hilton

Danni Minogue

Jen Hawkins

Want to get your hands on some Santos or want to stock some in your store?

Drop me a line here and I’ll be happy to connect you with the team at Santos or you may reach them directly on + 61 0416 087 341 or

The online store is really cool too so get shopping right away:

Thanks for bringing us the Saints we all need and love Kellee.

Peace !

Amanda xx

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