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Models Push Themselves To The Limit By Diving 25 Metres To Shoot In Bali Shipwreck. Unbelievable Res

As you all know, I love photography and more so, I have a tremendous amount respect for photographers who challenge their limits to create art so beautiful, that the world is left breathless.

One such photographer is Montreal based Von Wong.

One such project is this underwater shipwreck shoot in Bali.

These daring models dived 25 metres underwater in a pristine Bali ocean amongst a hauntingly beautiful shipwreck site. Talk about “workin in” – these girls also need a pat on the back for elevating their craft to the highest (or in this case, the deepest) limits.

Check it out.


“Shooting underwater I think is every bit as challenging as I had remembered it to be. Everything is complicated. Everything is slow.” Von Wong

Check out these amazing behind the scenes shots.



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