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Motorboating Girls for Breast Cancer Awareness


The placement of one’s face, specifically the mouth, into the area between a well-endowed woman’s breasts, followed by a rapid shaking of the face in a side-to-side motion accompanied by yelling. The resulting sound that is created sounds similar to an outboard boat motor.

We have seen all kinds of stunts and campaigns to raise money for Breast Cancer Week but this latest one is by far the breast (ahem, best) one yet.

The urban terminology of motorboating, which was made famous by the movie Wedding Crashers, was the focal point as 3 dudes went around town paying $20 (to the charity) for every motorboat they did. The campaign raise a couple of thousand dollars but the awareness the video raised was off the hook!

At the time of press, the video had over 4.1m views, 50,000 likes – all in 2 days!

We loved it – hope you will too.



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