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Snapshot: Photographer Ben Visions (Australia)

We found Ben on Instagram and were instantly captivated with his work. What makes things even more exciting is that Ben is a student and his best years are ahead of him.

Here is what Ben had to say:

“I first discovered my passion for photography when I was out hiking with a friend’s family, we were deep in the moss-covered forests of Tasmania and my friend’s mother decided to let me use her camera, I quickly became obsessed and found myself searching above and below for anything close to a decent composition. Returning home, my grandfather lent me his old digital Nikon camera which quickly became my best friend. Wherever I went, so did my camera. Since then, I’ve travelled to Europe and Asia, climbed high rise buildings, snuck into forgotten military tunnels, hiked up and over mountains and risked my life taking photos.”

“This photo was complete luck. The clouds had passed, a beautiful gradient sunset had rolled in and the water had come to a still, I set my camera and tripod up and clicked the shutter, it’s moments like these in photography that you look forward to and remember forever.” Ben

“I call this photo “eye of the emu” after Survivor’s hit song “eye of the tiger”. Nature photography, in my opinion, is one of the most enduring fields of photography, heavy lenses and long days with only a few shots in reward. However, those few shots, when they come out like this, completely make up for it.” Ben

“Trends constantly sweep through photography, especially in the Instagram sphere, but isn’t it cool to start one? I took this shot of China Town from the roof of a neighbouring building one night and over the next month was swept over by the number of other photographers replicating my idea.” Ben

To see more of ben’s work, please see:

Instagram: @ben.visions



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