Snapshot: Photographer Ben Visions (Australia)

We found Ben on Instagram and were instantly captivated with his work. What makes things even more exciting is that Ben is a student and his best years are ahead of him. Here is what Ben had to say: “I first discovered my passion for photography when I was out hiking with a friend’s family, we were deep in the moss-covered forests of Tasmania and my friend’s mother decided to let me use her camera, I quickly became obsessed and found myself searching above and below for anyth

Stunning & Affordable Art By Victoria Owenby Gets Art Collectors In Singapore Talking.

They say that art is the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, channeled into a chosen medium. In this case, Singapore based artist Victoria Owenby has done just that with her beautiful paintings. When I came across Victoria and her work, I knew instantly that she was creating something very special. We managed to pin her down for a chat.. 1. When was your first venture into art? Did you always know you were going to be a professional artist? My m

SERIES: PART 3 – Thinking Of Investing In Art?

Copyright: Leyla Mahat, 2016 The global art market is booming, with last year’s sales reaching a record £37bn, a 7% year-on-year increase and a little above the 2007 high of £35bn, according to the most recent figures from the European Fine Art Foundation (TEFAF). Like all investments you should never spend more than you can afford to lose. ENECAA advises its clients’ to start with emerging artists and markets. See my previous article Is this art any good? to read a brief dis

Series: Part 2 – Is this painting any good?

Beginner’s Guide to Buying Art Second of a short three part series by art specialist Sally J. Clarke on what to consider when buying art…. If you need to know the name of any artist to understand whether a painting is good or not then perhaps that art work is not for you. Good art work stands alone separate from its creator. Great art has an intrinsic value or quality that speaks to the viewer on its own terms, clearly stating the artist’s intention. We may not necessarily li

Series: Part 1 – The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide To Buying Art

Beginner’s Guide to Buying Art First of a short three part series by art specialist Sally J. Clarke on what to consider when buying art…. What is art for? Artists produce advertisements for what truly matters. The media tells us what is glamorous and important but artists usually pick on very different things. Think of Van Gogh with his oranges, David Hockney and his studies of trees or even Picasso with his work Guernica: arguably the world’s most powerful anti-war visual ar

[Interview] Douwe Cramer: The Future Of Contemporary Art Lands In Singapore

Douwe Cramer, Show Director at Singapore Contemporary Art Show We sat down with Douwe Cramer, Show Director at Singapore Contemporary Art Show to talk about everything from this year’s amazing (and inaugural) event to the A,B,C’s of contemporary art. This year, the stage has been set in Singapore for arguably one of the most anticipated art events in the region. With the theme “A World of Art”, the show will present more than 3,000 works of art from 65 exhibitors and installa

Exclusive: Who Is Banksy? – Living 360

The term International Man of Mystery is perhaps best used when it comes to describe the controversial street graffiti artist Banksy. The elusive artist has announced his first UK show since 2009, and the people are buzzing about it. The Banksy vs Bristol Museum show in 2009 drew in huge crowds, and his new show- Dismaland– is proving to be even more popular. Dismaland is an exhibition at a derelict seafront Lido in Weston-super-mare. The show has been described by Banksy as

[INTERVIEW] Dennis Hopper: Actor, Director, Art Collector & Standup Guy

Showing art is rather a different experience. Are you satisfied? Yes. I sold two of my works for the first time, including a painting called Fragmented Woman, which is my Mona Lisa. It is inspired by a photo I took in 1964, and it has a woman with many mouths, each of which has different coloured lips. I also sold a large sculpture and many photographs. When did you get started with the plastic arts? I have always painted, even before I became an actor. On 16 February, at the

[INTERVIEW] Clare Haxby, Artist

How long have you been a Mompreneur? I have been a mompreneur for 14 years. When my first child was born I had been working as a creative make-up artist in London mostly on pop videos and on fashion and hair shoots with celebrity hairdresser Charles Worthington, as well as with Richard Ward who now does the hair of royalty (The Duchess of Cambridge) . I still did the odd fashion shoot when I became a mother but the pop videos I had to give up despite them being enormous fun.

[EVENT] Art Stage Takes Over Singapore!

The convention center at Marina Bay Sands was transformed into Asia’s biggest and most dynamic art gallery for Art Stage Singapore. Dubbed as Asia’s largest art fair, the event connects the world to the best of Asian contemporary art. Over a hundred+ galleries from Southeast Asia, China, India, the Middle East, Australia and New Zealand amalgamated together to showcase some of the best art in the region. Amongst the crowd, uber influential private collectors, buyers and super

How Some Hotels are Turning Your Stay into an Intellectual and Enjoyable Experience

By Courtney Witt If you travel often, you are probably unimpressed with the same old generic hotel decor that has been there since the 80’s— that terrible casino style carpet, the dull bedding with matching curtains that are just as drab, and don’t even get me started on those green chairs! Have these hotel chains no taste? Well, fear not frequent, or not so frequent travelers, for some hotel owners really hit the nail on the head when it comes to creating a more fun and cere

If Your Kid Loves To Draw, You Have To Show Them This Video. They Will Thank You For It.

This one is for the parents out there with young children who love to draw. If your child loves to draw like mine does, then you really to show them this amazing video. When the talented Kseniya Simonova walked on stage at Ukraine Got Talent, the crowd didn’t really know what to expect. What happened next completely blew everybody away. Known as a sand animation artist, Kseniya used dramatic music to bring her animations to life. What was even more interesting to watch, was m