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Song Saa Private Island, Cambodia – Brings New Meaning To The Word “Escapism” &#82

Song Saa is a private island resort in Cambodia, in the Gulf of Thailand. The private island is 35 minutes by boat from the port of Shianoukville. It is a beautiful, untouched paradise, with most of the islands remaining undeveloped. Song Saa is placed in a private and intimate setting, where you can become one with the natural world. There is nothing around to distract you from your relaxation.



The resort has twenty-seven intimate villas. Each villa is designed simply and beautifully to reflect the natural environment. All villas come with private pools. There are nine Jungle villas- these are one-bedroom villas, situated in the rainforest canopy and overlooking the ocean with sunrise or sunset views.  There are also two two-bed jungle villas, with the same views at the one-bed villas.


There are two types of Overwater villas- six have one bedroom, and two have two bedrooms. These Overwater villas allow you to step into the ocean from your private balcony. Seven Oceanwater villas comprise of one bedroom with sunrise views and an overwater sala for private dining. The most luxurious of accommodations is the Royal Villa. There is only one of these two-bedroom villas, perched over the water in the most discreet location on the island. You can arrive by private jetty to your large villa and have everything you need in your temporary home.



The resort has one restaurant and one relaxed beach bar with laid-back culinary options. The Vista restaurant sits just off the shoreline and is surrounded by the sea, serving up contemporary Cambodian cuisine.  The Driftwood Bar serves up pizza, tapas style dishes and cold beers, cocktails and wine. There is also the option to have dishes delivered to your door. All of the dishes at the resort are traditional Cambodian meals combined with new Western techniques. Ingredients are produced in-house or locally sourced, and the natural and local environment inspires each dish.

There is also a spa-detox menu if you would like to cleanse your body while you relax on this beautiful island.


Song Saa Resort Cambodia by Justin Mott Hotel and resort photography, travel photography

There are many experiences provided by the resort, and these activities listed below of these are on their ‘always included’ list and so free of charge.

  1. Spa

  2. Snorkeling

  3. Sea kayaking

  4. Sunrise yoga

  5. In villa movie experience

  6. Rainforest encounter

  7. Island safari

  8. Marine safari

  9. Treasure hunt

  10. Buddhist ceremony

  11. Cultural experiences



With five two-bedroom villas, a treasure hunt for the children and movie nights in your own villa this is definitely a resort where the adults can relax and the children can explore.

Extra Information


Song Saa is Cambodia’s first luxury private island resort, and as such they make sure to take very good care of her. Song Saa also offers tailored wedding ceremonies for the ultimate romantic celebration of love.


From $1,378 for two people for one night in a Jungle villa.



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