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This Is The Greatest Super Bowl Ad Ever Created – Period!

OK so every year, the ads that pop up during Super Bowl time creates some kind of buzz. Expectations are at an all time high and marketers literally spend months (and lots of ad dollars!) to come up with something buzz-worthy.

This year’s Bud Light (not Budweiser) commercial has used it’s new tagline to perfection: “The Perfect Beer For Whatever Happens.”

The ad starts with a girl coming up to a guy in a bar in New York and offers him a refreshing Bud Light and asks him if he agrees to “Whatever Happens Next” – he agree and so begins the greatest Super Bowl ad ever created.

Enough talking.

Check this bad boy out.

Well done Bud Light [youtube id= “gKKVQLDYYcw” width=”667″ height=”356″]


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