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Top 10 Countries With The World’s Most Handsome Men – Ladies Take Note!

Beauty and attractiveness are something we all desire, for ourselves or just for some eye candy. The beautiful thing about the fact that we have so many different countries on our planet is that it allows us the chance to learn about other cultures, histories and appreciate the beauty of different people. This includes appreciating the good looks of the world’s most handsome men, who can be found in different countries on this handsome planet.


Portrait of a confident classically handsome male model holding

Italy is associated with good looking men as much as it is known for art, pizza and pasta. Just watch one of their football matches and you’ll think that the players have been taken from a glossy fashion magazine. Italian men are gaped at because of their beautiful eyes, strong features, perfect hair, golden tans and of course those irresistible accents.



The nation of Brazil has European influences from its connection with Portugal but it also has the connection to South America which shows in the looks of the men born there. Women like Gisele Bundchen and Adriana Lima show off the beauty of the women but the country also has the likes of model and actor Rodrigo Santoro representing the male contingent.



Like Brazil, Angola boasts a rich cultural heritage that combines the beauty of different African tribes in the area with Portuguese influences and as a result the country has incredibly handsome men who seem to belong on runways or in fashion magazines.

Saudi Arabia


Arab men are known for their dark features and lovely piercing eyes, making them incredibly handsome and attractive to women across the world. Saudi men are so hot that it was in fact, reported that a man was deported for “being too handsome” in 2014.


From the likes of Willy Monfret setting the standards, the list of handsome men in France is probably as long as the Eiffel Tower and it doesn’t hurt that French men are also incredibly well groomed and well dressed. The men of France show the country’s different cultural influence from with a wide range of ethnicities and heritages.



If you’re not sure how handsome the men from Germany are, just Google Michael Fassbender. Though the actor is half German and half-Irish he definitely shows off some of the features that German men are known for. Other than Fassbender, strong contenders include Til Schweiger and Sebastian Ströbel.


Actor Hemsworth arrives for the world premiere of "The Hunger Games : Catching Fire" at Leicester Square in London

Simon Baker, Liam Hemsworth, Hugh Jackman and Mitch Langerak are just two of the reasons the men of Aussie are on this list. Australia has produced some of world’s most talented people and also the most handsome men, with an appeal that is appreciated everywhere.


I.AM+ foto.sosho Launch Party

The appeal that the men of the UK have probably comes from the fact there is so much variety in terms of what can be classified as good looking. From David Beckham, Prince Harry and Rob Evans to Benedict Cumberbatch, and Jason Statham the Brits have indeed produced some of the world’s most good looking men. That accent doesn’t hurt either!



The Swedes are known for their perfect blonde locks and beautiful blue eyes, giving them a unique look that is both recognizable and appealing. Just look at the actor Alexander Skarsgaard who lit up the TV screen when he appeared on True Blood, and you’ll see what we mean.



Like the Italians, it is fair to say that many women tune in to watch soccer matches because of the good looks of the players. With great examples from footballers and entertainers like Sergio Ramos, Iker Casillas and even Enrique Iglesias who is of Spanish descent, it’s clear that the country is well represented in the category of handsome men.

While these 10 nations are well known for having really good looking men it is important to remember that every part of this earth has beauty and men that would make any woman swoon. Beauty comes in different shapes, colours, skin tones and geographic locations. We can celebrate the fact that beauty can be so universal and still have features that are unique to specific areas and cultures. When you travel the world you get to expand your understanding of what being attractive and good looking is as you are exposed to different types of people. This means that the picture of being handsome doesn’t always have to originate from runways, TV screens and newspapers. The key to appreciating beauty comes down to opening your eyes and being flexible about what you classify and consider as handsome, attractive, sexy or appealing.


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