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Want a less stressful life? Read on..

Want a less stressful life?

Then you need a Coodo!

If you live in a big & bustling metropolis like most of us do, then simply getting out of town on a long drive can be a very good way to de-stress. Now imagine being able to drive into nature and having a very cool and compact mobile home to hang in. This is called mobile living and the folks at Coodo have nailed it.

A Coodo comes with an airy kitchen, a bright dining room, sleeping and chill out areas.. all surrounded by stunning views.

As the people at Coodo say, “Get out of the city and into the heart of nature” – why squash yourself in a busy city apartment when you can live by a lake or even better a beach?

No Coodo is the same as everything is completely bespoke and customizable to suit your needs and personality. So forget expensive mortgages and start living a mobile (and less stressful) life today.

We love it already.

Check out the pics below and visit their website for more information.

Here’s to de-stressing and Living 360!



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