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Welcome To The Aloe Vera Fountain Of Youth


There’s a good chance that most of us has slathered a cooling aloe vera gel over a piping hot sunburn. Perhaps even cracked open a fresh aloe plant to apply it’s sap unto a fresh wound. Whatever the interaction, it’s somewhat common knowledge these days that the aloe plant is bursting with nutritional properties and is fast becoming the ‘it’ product in the wellness industry.

So when I came across what the folks at Sanita were doing with their delicious aloe drinking gels – I simply had to showcase it in our  “Happiness Journal” series.

A toast to good health

Sanita aloe by nature is a boutique aloe vera company, based in New Zealand, with a passion and devotion for Aloe Vera. They simply can’t get enough of the stuff! The team at this young and vibrant company are super healthy, super cool and extremely focused on making other people feel good. With years of experience in the nutrition industry, founder Resh Randhawa has created a product for people who are serious about enhancing their health and well being.

So we decided to catch up with Resh over a chilled shot glass of Sanita Aloe drinking gel (my favourite is the Manuka Honey & Spirilina), and this is what she had to say:

AD: Hi Resh, I’m going to start with a very simple question…Why Aloe Vera?

RR: Simply put – It’s the ‘Elixir of Life’ & the ‘Queen of Healing Plants’ – just some of the wonderful names given to this nature’s plant. Aloe vera is seen in the eyes of many as simply a folk remedy used for quick relief of minor cuts and burns, while to others it is a decorative houseplant. To some, it is the latest wonder as a ‘natural ingredient’. Aloe vera is this and much more. This truly impressive plant has certainly stood the test of time.

It has not only captured the interest of scientists and researchers globally, they are in fact working to discover and identify the source of the healing properties of the soothing gel that is stored in the leaf.

Aloe just feels right.

AD: Can you tell us what makes Sanita’s Aloe Vera drinking gels so special?

RR: Our unique formulations. As most of you know that Aloe Vera on its own is almost impossible to consume. With our formulations, not only has it become a pleasant drinking gel, we’ve also loaded it with other nutritional ingredients – perfect for those on the go!!

Honey falvour

AD: Do you recommend this for the whole family?

RR: Certainly yes, in regards to children a slightly reduced dosage & preferably diluted with water or mixed in juice, alternatively they can pour this over yoghurt or cereal. For all other ages, it is recommended that the gel be consumed undiluted first thing in the morning before breakfast and just before dinner. Aloe Vera is generally however, not recommended during pregnancy as Aloe is known to increase the body’s metabolism which may lead to early contractions.

Aloe Vera

AD: How can people buy your product?

RR: We are a Direct Marketing company & our products can be purchased through our online store at:

Yummy peach flavour

AD: 3 words that describe the way you will feel after drinking Sanita’s Aloe Vera drinking gel?


1. Healthy

2. Nutritious

3. Rejuvenated

Feel good with Sanita

AD: What’s next for you guys?

RR: We are currently filtering requests and having some exciting conversations about bringing Sanita to Asia. The word is getting out and health enthusiasts around the region and all over Australia and New Zealand are starting to learn about the product and also about the exciting opportunity to be part of the Sanita team. We are very, very excited about the future.

AD: Any health tips you would like to share with the Living 360 fans?

RR: Everything starts from within the human body, you are what you eat, what you feel on the inside reflects and shows on the outside. Aloe Vera is also known to assist in the production of the body’s natural collagen. I am a living example of Aloe Vera & no one has ever guessed my age correctly!!

The lovely Resh Randhawa

Thanks so much Resh, we wish you nothing but the best for this exciting new business and thanks again for our Sanita bottles – we absolutely love it!

Here’s to feeling great – the Sanita way!!

Mucho Amor.

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