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Wesco Bins Bring A New Type Of Chic To Garbage Disposal

When Singapore based entrepreneur Naz Kokholm was searching for a high-quality bin, that looked great and didn’t break the bank, she couldn’t find one. So what did she do? She decided to get into the bin-business. We sat down with this savvy businesswomen to talk through how she got started with this unique product offering..


Tell us about your company. Why did you decide to bring Wesco’s high end bins to Singapore?

After searching all over Singapore, we quickly realized that it was a difficult find for a well made bin which is modern and sturdy for our home. So we went online and found Wesco bins but soon realized that they were not available in Singapore. Finally we decided that we would order ours online but shipping an item of this size cost almost as much as the bin itself which didn’t make sense. My husband then suggested of the possibility for this to be a great business opportunity and contacted Wesco. That was in May this year and after some market research and time, we received the first shipment late October thus welcoming Wesco Singapore.


These bin look great, are they more effective for hygiene purposes too?

Wesco Germany will be celebrating their 150th birthday and have always been working in steel so they are good at what they do. The bins are made of Stainless Steel known for its durability and rust resistance and a quality powder-coating in various bright colours inside out hence making it extremely easy to clean compared to a non treated aluminium or matte surface. The rubber seal for the lid and the rubber base is easily removable and can be cleaned with a brush and soap. All the bins comes with a 5 year international warranty.


Are they easier to use?

They are very easy to use. Depending on the model, some can only be operated by foot or manually by hand. The liner is removable also for hygienic reasons and the bag can be completely hidden inside making it look sleek and tidy compared to others.


Can we expect any other product launches soon?

The Wesco bins are classic and contemporary in appearance and has been in the market for decades. We have various models, sizes and colours but our current focus will be the German made model bins. Wesco has a wide range of other household items that we are keen to bring in in the future.


Please visit for more information.


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