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What if NOTHING Was Impossible? If This Video Doesn’t Make You Smile, There’s Something

This video was created by TMB Bank (Thai Military Bank) in Thailand and launched in 2011. It’s not a new video but one that we absolutely love and wanted to share with you all.

The purpose of this video was the get people to start to think differently – “outside the box” if you like. The “Make THE Difference” video was based around a film of a group of young footballers from a fishermen island in the south of Thailand called Koh Panyee who wanted so badly to play football, but didn’t have the space to do so. This forced them to think differently and eventually they found a solution.

The film is based on a true story about a group of children coming together to challenge the norm (and themselves) to dream big and turn those dreams into a reality.

They went on to become an inspiration to the new generations on the island.

When was the last time you challenged yourself to think differently? [youtube id= “jU4oA3kkAWU” width=”667″ height=”356″]


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