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You Can Stop The Innocent Slaughter Of Dolphins – Not A Joke!

I know that we have said from the beginning that we were going to keep things light on Living 360. It’s easy to post things that make people laugh and feel good but what about things that are important but not necessarily so easy to digest.

Things that are simply wrong and must be rectified.

Things that make some human beings look purely evil.

Once such thing takes place every year at a place called Faroe Island.

Whaling in the Faroe Islands in the North Atlantic has been practiced since about the time of the Norse settlements on the islands. Strangely, the local Foroese government has regulated the practice but it’s by no means approved by the International Whaling Commission.

OK so here’s what happens.

A bunch of pumped up teens get together every year in August and in an attempt to prove their maturity into adulthood, get together with sharp hooks and kill hundreds of stranded Calderon dolphins. & whales. That’s right, they turn the sea red with blood as these beautiful and intelligent creatures are met with their fate.


Here’s the kicker – the yearly ritual has for centuries been condoned by the island’s people. They bring their children along to celebrate the death of these near extinct species of dolphins.



Like many other dolphin species, the Calderon dolphins are a playful bunch and they come inland to interact with man and have some fun. Little do they know, they are swimming into a death trap. Dolphins are not the only ones spared. Every year over 700 terrified pilot whales were driven ashore, gaffed with steel hooks and dragged into the shallows, their necks cut with knives so they bled to death.




Entire families of whales were killed: pregnant whales, mothers and their calves, none were spared a terrifying and agonising death. The sad thing is they don’t die instantly and are repeatedly cut 1, 2, 3 times by razor sharp hooks and produce a grim cry like that of a new born child.



You will see many groups on the internet who are making the right type of noises to end this carnage and ridicule but really the power of persuasion lies in the masses. So we BEG you all to share this with as many people as you know to spread the word and get them all to sign this online petition to end this madness.

Thanks for stopping by – let’s join hands to put and end to this.

Share this with all to see.

Enough is enough.


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