[Series] World’s Best Photographers: OSKI PHOTO

There are fashion photographers and then they are those who matter. Meet Oski – for those in the head-spinning world of high fashion, this name will mean something. A relatively new comer to the business, Oski stared in 2009 and has since won the respect of his peers by bring a fresh and honest creativity to the world of fashion photography. A man of few words, today this bright young artist works for some of the leading modeling agencies in Paris and is a regular on the Fren

Have You Seen My Grandparent’s Tattoos?

Thinking of getting a tattoo? Most of us experience a sense of excitement and adventure when entertaining the notion of getting a tattoo. If you are younger (I’ll let you decide what’s young), this excitement is often faced with some pretty intense pondering. If we had a crystal ball and could peer into the future, we would want to see what these “cool & wicked” tats of today, would look like tomorrow, when we get older – much older that is. It’s true that we have all seen Gr

A Curious New Trend Has Emerged In Bangkok Where Thai Men Dress Like Mexican Gangsters

Here in Asia, we have seen many different cultural fads come and go. Remember the orange people in Tokyo, where kids would get some seriously orange tans and dress up like they were straight out of a Fanta commercial? Well here’s another folks.. Very nice Thai men with families and day jobs (one is a cop!) get together daily to dress like Mexican gangsters you would find in California. Calling themselves the “Far East Eses” – these homies dress like and even have the freakish