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Have You Seen My Grandparent’s Tattoos?

Thinking of getting a tattoo?

Most of us experience a sense of excitement and adventure when entertaining the notion of getting a tattoo. If you are younger (I’ll let you decide what’s young), this excitement is often faced with some pretty intense pondering. If we had a crystal ball and could peer into the future, we would want to see what these “cool & wicked” tats of today, would look like tomorrow, when we get older – much older that is.

It’s true that we have all seen Grandpa Joe walking around with the faded bluish tinge, who’s tattoos looks like they were a smudged ink drop on a clean canvas. Questions like, “has ink technology and tattooing techniques improved?”

“Will black ink stay black?”

Well, the way we see it – getting inked is a way of life. You don’t choose a tattoo like you would that trendy, high-waisted jeans that seems to be in vogue right now. You choose it because it represents something of significance and meaning, and you want to be reminded of that thing (or incident, or person) for the rest of your life.

Tattoos mark a journey.

A documented adventure that is more personal than anything else you know.

You don’t choose a tattoo – it chooses you.

We have put together a collection of some cool older folks – telling their beautiful story.

Enjoy x



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