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A Curious New Trend Has Emerged In Bangkok Where Thai Men Dress Like Mexican Gangsters

Here in Asia, we have seen many different cultural fads come and go. Remember the orange people in Tokyo, where kids would get some seriously orange tans and dress up like they were straight out of a Fanta commercial?

Well here’s another folks..

Very nice Thai men with families and day jobs (one is a cop!) get together daily to dress like Mexican gangsters you would find in California. Calling themselves the “Far East Eses” – these homies dress like and even have the freakishly same accents as their Mexican hombres (who they have never met). They say that they are motivated by the fashion and the hood lifestyle – but really are super nice law abiding guys.

“I think the Mexican lifestyle suits my life very well” says one gangster.

Putting the ‘oddness’ aside, these guys are actually doing something pretty cool. They are coming together and making rap music. The lyrics are ‘tight’ and tries to educate society on issues around politics, family & even abortion. They are coming together to form a support group so they help each other keep out of trouble.

These could well be the nicest gangsters in the world!

Check out this video..

We think they are pretty cool.

Word! [youtube id= “AS1wmSXYsNo” width=”667″ height=”356″]


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