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A Controversial Ad That Has Taken India By Storm

Those familiar with Indian culture will know that divorcees and single mums can get the bad end of the stick when it comes to society accepting them to remarry. So you can imagine the nation’s surprise when jeweler Tanishq celebrated a second marriage in its new ad this Diwali.

The Ad starts off with a dusky (instead of the fairer types we typically see) bride preparing for her walk out into the marriage ceremony. We see her bridesmaids prepare her for the big moment and also a little girl who helps with the finishing touches.

When the bride and her handsome groom do their matrimonial walk (or laps) around the fire, the little girl called out to her “mummy” to be included in the ritual. To the surprise of most people, the groom picked up the little as they did their laps and it cuts to them living happily ever after.

In a country where such a taboo is frowned upon, it was a bold move for Tanishq to celebrate the concept of second marriage and guess what? It’s paid off ‘Big Time”.

Adweek reports that the ad has taken the country by storm this Diwali and it has truly gone viral in cyberspace.

Well done Tanishq.

Well done India.

From us all here at Living 360 – Happy Diwali!!


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