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What a year it has been. I was asked the other day to choose a few words that summed up 2013 and to be honest I was put on the spot. After some careful deliberation however, the following came to mind:

  1. Growth

  2. Collaboration

  3. Promise

Allow me to me explain.

Growth explains many things that happened this year for the Living 360 brand. We started the blog in October 2012 and since then have worked very hard to be consistent in providing our growing community with content they like. We listened, we took advice and in the end fed our audience some contagious content. Growth was also applicable in my personal life, where a cute little baby girl was growing in my belly. I’m so proud to announce that baby Isabella joined us this year on 11:12:13 and has made a great Living 360 mascot already 🙂

Collaboration is a somewhat overused word so I was cautious when I chose it but it really summed up what happened to bring the blog from it’s infancy in late 2012 to where it is today. We are lucky that we have signed on some superb brand ambassadors who are equally passionate about the development of L360. To them we tip our hats and say thanks, and to our partners & contributors who have helped us along the way with content development – we dedicate the word Collaboration to you! Thanks.

Lastly the word Promise. With so much achieved in a short amount of time, the future for Living 360 is very bright. We recently crashed the site due to a piece of content going super viral (it made all the online reporting sites like Reddit) and we had to add more muscle to the server (Thanks Grant Harrison!!!). The future will see the site enjoy a steady flow of monthly unique visitors of around 100,000+ (where we are today), and hopefully increase significantly from there.

The future for our humble lifestyle brand is one filled with excitement and adventure as we plan to roll out an exciting ‘Room Fragrance’ collection for our fans and also for some 5 Star hotels brands. The second half of the year will also see a Living 360 ‘Confectionary’ line – watch out Sugarpova!!  Please lookout for our online store which we plan to launch by March 2014.

In summary, I would like to extend a warm and sincere thanks to you all for supporting our humble blog. I really mean that. We know and appreciate that you have many choices on the internet to get your dose of awesomeness and never take your attention to Living 360 for granted. That’s a promise!

Here’s to being Healthy, Wealthy & Wise in 2014.

Grazie x

Amanda Dyer


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