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Air New Zealand Presents Their New Safety Video – Old School Cool!

If you want passengers on board to watch a safety video, then do what the clever cats at Air New Zealand do.. create something funny!

Known for their ‘tongue firmly fastened in cheek’ approach to creating such awesome safety videos – be it the All Blacks rugby team instructing passengers on safety protocol or Bear Grylls filming something cool in the wild.

This time around, they have used the services of America’s beloved comedian Betty White and Gavin “Captain Stubing” MacLeod hamming it up in the fictional Second Wind Retirement Resort.

We won’t give away too much from this commentary but encourage you all to sit back and crank up the volume on this one as it can very likely pass for a comedy episode on prime time TV.

“As a small airline at the bottom of the world,” as Air New Zealand head of global brand development Jodi Williams describes her company, the airline strives to drive brand awareness through creative means.

 “In Betty we found the perfect partner — she is renowned for being a little bit cheeky and with a career spanning 74 years, who better to learn survival tips from than the award-winning show business veteran?” asks Williams.

What do you think about this video?

Is this their best work yet?


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