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Are you an Entrepreneur or a Wantrepreneur?


Nowadays everyone wants to be called an entrepreneur and have the praise that comes with it- the only problem is many of these people are actually wantrepreneurs who don’t do much except talk about their huge ambitions. Entrepreneurs and wantrepreneurs are separated by so many things but what really shows where they differ are how far they go and how much they achieve. It’s important to adopt the mind-set of an entrepreneur; that’s how those huge ambitions become even greater results.

Wantrepreneur: “It’s all about me”

Entrepreneur: “It’s all about the team”

A true entrepreneur understands the importance of building a strong team, and letting the strengths of each person contribute to the greatness of the business. A wantrepreneur wants the glory and the feeling of importance so they focus on what they can do and how they are the only one with the ideas and the capabilities to make the company thrive.


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