How To Outsource The Clutter So You Can Focus On Your Million Dollar Idea

The admin of a self-run business can prove to be so overwhelming that it stops you from doing the parts of the business you are really good at. Add to this the fact that you won’t always have the time to do this because you need time to tend to your kids and family. What is a mompreneur to do in this situation? Someone might say that you need to hire a personal assistant, but the real secret to dealing with the clutter of running a business is outsourcing, which saves you a w

10 Ways To Show Customers You Absolutely Love Them

Everyone who has ever signed up to a business mailing list will receive the same marketing emails every year. Colorful messages, celebrating the latest holiday, telling customers about the newest deals and trying to convey a sense of care and compassion for you. Yet, does this make you feel valued as a customer, or do you just feel like you are being spammed with these generic emails? We all want to feel valued, especially when we are giving our money to a business. However,

Mompreneur 360’s Guide To Negotiate Like A Pro

We all have to frequently be able to negotiate. While we may not realize it, negotiation is a big part of our everyday lives, it is not something that is simply reserved for high flying executives and officials. Negotiation is simply the settling of differences, bargaining to reach a desired outcome. This can be something as large as negotiating a crucial deal for your career department, or something as small as negotiating with your child about what they can wear to school t

Rewire Your Brain To Be More Productive By Leaving Your Shoes On – Living 360

Do you start off the day with a long list of things that need to be done only to be shocked hours later when you realise you didn’t get anything done and was totally non-productive? Fair to say that you are not alone. This could be a sign that you’re not productive enough which can affect the quality of your work overtime. Good or bad, productivity is a behaviour we develop not one we are born with so it’s possible to observe and rewire your brain so that you can get the most

Singapore’s Premier Networking Event For Women Entrepreneurs Sets The Bar High – Living

On March 11th 2015, 50 of Singapore’s most talented, positive & beautiful women entrepreneurs came together in the name of networking. They shared many things in common – their vision for growing their businesses, desire to learn from each-other and thirst for innovation. But the most powerful thing they all shared was the chic title of ‘Mompreneur‘… a term they owned and were honored to wear proudly. The brainchild of former Canadian supermodel and social connector Amanda Dy

How To Reinvent & Elevate Your Personal Brand To Celebrity Status

The idea of the brand has evolved to include people in today’s individualistic and fast moving world. This means that people now have to consider what perception of themselves they are sending out to the rest of the world; this used to be the reserved for celebrities and politicians but now with social media and technology ordinary people also have to think of their own brands. Personal brands are important, especially in entrepreneurship because they determine who likes and

Are you an Entrepreneur or a Wantrepreneur?

Nowadays everyone wants to be called an entrepreneur and have the praise that comes with it- the only problem is many of these people are actually wantrepreneurs who don’t do much except talk about their huge ambitions. Entrepreneurs and wantrepreneurs are separated by so many things but what really shows where they differ are how far they go and how much they achieve. It’s important to adopt the mind-set of an entrepreneur; that’s how those huge ambitions become even greater