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Could These Be The World’s Most Powerful Ads? – Well Done WWF

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has released a new series of ads entitled “Stop One. Stop Them All” which has stopped many in their tracks to sit up and pay attention.

I like them.

Men with erectile dysfunction have been turning to remedies made from shark fins, tigers and also the recently extinct Western Black Rhino. In the past it’s been easy for us to blame the poachers and make them targets of aggressive campaign to stop their cruel acts, but here’s the harsh reality people – there are others driving these poachers to poach.

The clever WWF campaign looks at the chain of demand and brings attention to all parties involved.

The reminder here is that we live in a borderless world and through the global economy – we are all connected.

Time to use our brains and start doing what’s right.


If these ads move you like they have moved thousands, then pass them on.


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