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[EVENT] Art Stage Takes Over Singapore!

The convention center at Marina Bay Sands was transformed into Asia’s biggest and most dynamic art gallery for Art Stage Singapore. Dubbed as Asia’s largest art fair, the event connects the world to the best of Asian contemporary art.

Over a hundred+ galleries from Southeast Asia, China, India, the Middle East, Australia and New Zealand amalgamated together to showcase some of the best art in the region. Amongst the crowd, uber influential private collectors, buyers and super VIPs mingled as they sip-and-swished bubbles and air kissed each other.

Living 360’s ambassadors Amanda Dyer & Kim Holly had some fun and share some pics here.

(all pics courtesy: Amanda Dyer)


Amanda Dyer & Kim Holly


Michael Ma (first from left), Amanda Dyer & world famous artist Pascal Morabito (second from right)



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