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F*ck The Poor. Who Needs Poor People In This World Right?

Advertising has a way to get under your skin.

Advertising has a way to transform perspectives and shift opinion.

Advertising has a way to shake things up.

That’s what we think anyway which is why we are so obsessed with it – and that’s why we scour the net to find inspirational campaigns to share with you – our friends.

This video was of a social experiment by a poverty charity called The Pillion Trust, designed to see if people really cared about those less fortunate.

The outcome of the experiment was truly amazing.

Ask yourself – do you give a f*ck about the poor? If so please donate to help those in need HERE

In the meantime, please watch and share this. [youtube id= “eBuC_0-d-9Y” width=”667″ height=”356″]


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