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How Some Hotels are Turning Your Stay into an Intellectual and Enjoyable Experience

By Courtney Witt

If you travel often, you are probably unimpressed with the same old generic hotel decor that has been there since the 80’s— that terrible casino style carpet, the dull bedding with matching curtains that are just as drab, and don’t even get me started on those green chairs! Have these hotel chains no taste?

Well, fear not frequent, or not so frequent travelers, for some hotel owners really hit the nail on the head when it comes to creating a more fun and cerebral experience for your stay.


Thomson LES Hotel, New York

One place we found on our hunt to explore the coolest hotels ever is the Thompson LES. This beautifully decorated hotel can be found in New York’s lower east side and has a nice industrial chic feel and the artwork will leave you breathless. My personal favorite is the three film stills “Andy Warhol-Portraits of a Young Man” that you will find on the bottom of the pool here. Who thinks this stuff up? Genius! For more information and to book your stay, visit


Thomson LES Hotel, New York

Next on the list is the Ace Hotel. This place is really unique in that you will find the most intricate graffiti type artwork on the walls that seems to jump out at you. Not only does this make you think twice about your rooms decor, it engages you in the art itself. Ace Hotels span the globe, and it is no surprise why, this place is great! Whether you are staying in Portland, London, LA, New York or Palm Springs you can find yourself nestled into some of the finest graffiti art you will ever come across indoors.


ACE Hotel Portland

It is things like the graffiti in Ace Hotels and the pool art at The Thompson LES that becomes a part of the hotels identity. You may not remember the name of that cool hotel you stayed at, but you will remember that big black cat coming off the wall above your bed! Visit for more info and to book your trip.


ACE Hotel, Downtown Los Angeles

Now let’s talk a little about sleeping under water. I know what you’re thinking, you would drown, right? Wrong! The Poseidon Underwater Resort, located in Fiji, this hotel literally lets you sleep with the fished and come out alive.

What could be cooler or more soothing than sleeping with schools of fish and other sea creatures encircling your, room.

The Poseidon Underwater Resort, Fiji

The Poseidon Underwater Resort, Fiji

Now, this is not your typical form of art, no, however, this is no typical hotel. I wouldn’t recommend if you have claustrophobia or a fear of sea creatures, but for the more daring and those who love to explore new things, the Poseidon Underwater Resort is not only one of the coolest and most intellectually stimulating resorts I have found thus far, it has a way of placing you inside the piece of art work. Become the painting, scuba dive without getting wet, or have a romantic evening whilst the fish lock in some time doing their fish voyeurism thing, weird…maybe, but you don’t go to an under the sea resort for the normalcy of it visit to book your trip!


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