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[INTERVIEW] DJ Seb Fontaine

DJ Seb Fontaine (UK)

DJ Seb Fontaine (UK)

Unless you have been living under a rock, you would have heard of legendary DJ and producer Seb Fontaine. Labelled as a ‘pure genius behind the decks’ by some, Seb has captured the hearts and minds of party goers all over this planet. He loves spinning in Singapore and the feeling is mutual as people wait all year for his return.

I was lucky enough to sit down with the most sort after DJ in Singapore this week – here’s what he had to say..

AD: Hi Seb, thanks for taking the time to talk to us as I know you are super busy. Let’s get started.

Can you tell us about how you got started in the business and also what it was like to be the resident DJ and legendary club Cream?

SF: When I started there were no famous or “rock star djs” back then. We were the lowliest of workers in the club so it really was a love of music and nightlife that drove me to this. Being a resident back then was a terrible job and you were constantly being asked to play awful tunes. Fast forward to something like the Cream residency when you have 2000 people hanging there waiting to see what you’ll play next and how you do it, it’s a very different world. In fact I am back at Cream in October with Oakenfold for the birthday for the first time in years, pretty exciting.

AD: Wow – that sounds like one hell of a party! Have you always played this style of music or did you start out spinning a different sound?

SF: I started life out as a hip hop and funk DJ but the scene was quite moody back in those days and it certainly wasn’t the champagne and sparkler hip hop scene that there is now. I went into the “House” room at a gig I was playing and saw 2000 people smiling , going nuts, dancing on the speakers and swinging from the ceiling. I took one look and was hooked.

AD: OK well that makes sense, and thank god you decided to do that – the world is a better place for it. Also we all know that you spent a lot of time rocking the BBC’s Radio 1- what was the transition into radio life like for you?

SF: To be honest I had been on Kiss for 5 years previous to Radio 1 so although it was a massive step up it wasn’t Alien.

AD: You are doing a lot of producing these days too, what would you say the split is between touring and producing?

SF: Not as much producing as it should be but travelling so much really impacts on me desire to sit in a small room with no windows when I get home to London. We have some cool stuff in the pipeline and it’s been good to take the summer off but actually strangely looking forward to that little room.

AD: Anything interesting you are producing that you want to leak out to the fans?

SF: I would love to but we’re still arguing (nicely) over the name so wouldn’t want to send everyone looking for something that may not exist.

AD: OK, so you absolutely rocked it last year at F1 in Singapore, what’s your favorite thing about this wonderful city of ours?

SF: I’ve been DJing in Singapore for over 15 years and have seen amazing changes, the whole city has embraced nightlife to go with one of the most exciting and futuristic skylines in the world. I am proud to have been there along that journey. I have Dj’d at nearly every Grand Prix since 2008 and have had some amazing gigs but last year’s Podium Lounge was about as much fun as you can have in this wonderful city so we signed up for more. This year is looking even bigger and better so am really excited.

AD: What can we expect this year at The Podium Lounge?

SF: I never plan a set, I just prepare myself for every eventuality and we just see where we go on the night. TBH it’s the crowd that decides how the night goes, I’m just the driver.

Rapid fire questions: (please keep this brief and punchy!)

AD: Favorite city to perform?

SF: London and Buenos Aires have always been nonstop party capitals for me.

AD: Favorite artist to work alongside?

SF: The DJs are all pretty good friends of mine so will go for Beyonce at the Sing GP or last week with Akon and Slash from Guns & Roses (purely as a bizarre but wonderful combination)

AD: What do you do for “me” time?

SF: Xbox, Read, Football and dad duties (not in that order 🙂

AD: Wildest celebrity party you have spun at?

SF: Last week I had to sign a disclosure agreement and everyone had their phones taken off them so it can get quite wild.

AD: You’re very handsome, ever considered acting?

SF: Haha (too busy blushing) , no but I have presented quite a bit of TV

AD: What’s on your iPod at the moment?

SF: Disclosure, James Brown’s Funky People (one of my favorite albums, not JB as such but the amazing talent that he had around him in the band and as guest contributors)

AD: Advice to bedroom DJs around the world?

SF: Get out your bedroom and put a party on. The big clubs want people who bring people so make it happen and become a mini promoter

AD: What’s your favorite dance track at the moment?

SF: Finder by Ninetoes, played it Carnival weekend in London recently and been in my head ever since  (not an obvious choice)

AD: What’s your favorite hip-hop track at the moment?

SF: Anything by Busta Rhymes, a true hip hop genius

AD: One thing the world doesn’t know about Seb Fontaine?

SF: My real name is Jean Sebastien, I hated it so much as a kid I changed it to Seb (it doesn’t bother me anymore))

AD: Three words to describe your upcoming set(s) at The Podium Lounge this weekend?


2.Tyre screeching

3. Amazeballs (I can’t believe I said that but I’m lost for words)

AD: I can’t believe you just said that too – LOL. But seriously, thanks so much Seb, you truly are well loved by Singapore and fans all over the world and we can’t wait to see you at The Podium Lounge this weekend.

Please keep coming back (and just apply for your Singapore PR already!).

SF: Thanks for taking the time Amanda and seeya at the party!

Amanda Dyer at last year's party

Amanda Dyer at last year’s party

F1 Driver (Team Ferrari) Fernando Alonso at The Podium Lounge

Robbie Hoyes-Cock and DJ Seb Fontaine (UK) - Saturday 22 September

Robbie Hoyes-Cock and DJ Seb Fontaine (UK) – Saturday 22 September

Silvian Imberg Fashion Show  at last year's party

Silvian Imberg Fashion Show at last year’s party

Well there you have it folks, for those of you lucky enough to be in Singapore this weekend, do your best to get your hands on the “hottest ticket in town” – Podium Lounge – to experience legendary DJ Seb Fontaine ‘slice & dice’ the dance floor.

Rumor has it that the party is SOLD OUT but you can try your luck at

Thanks for dropping by and have a fantastic (and safe) F1 everybody.

x Amanda x


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