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Messe Kopp ‘Forward’ – Hypnotically Cool Video

Now, for something cool..

Messe Kopp, a filmmaker in Israel, has created a mind-blasting video featuring a hypnotizing “reverse” walk through the streets of downtown Jerusalem.

It’s super cool and has created quite the buzz with netizens the world over. In the video, Kopp was filmed walking backwards down a street where he was hit by a bucketful of water, a face full of cake and also popped open a bottle of champagne – all while partially undressing.

The final video shows him doing this in reverse and the finished product is well… awesome!

The YouTube views have been rising steadily since being uploaded in March to a solid 4.4m views. Over 44,000 people have given it a ‘thumbs up’ while praising it for it’s creativity and sheer genius.

On his Facebook page, Messe pays tribute to others who have gone out and developed their own version on ‘Froward’.

We absolutely love Messe’s work and hope to be able to bring more of what he does to you guys in the future.

In the meantime, sit back and enjoy ‘Forward’.

Messe Kopp  Forward


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