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Mompreneur 360’s Guide To Negotiate Like A Pro


We all have to frequently be able to negotiate. While we may not realize it, negotiation is a big part of our everyday lives, it is not something that is simply reserved for high flying executives and officials. Negotiation is simply the settling of differences, bargaining to reach a desired outcome. This can be something as large as negotiating a crucial deal for your career department, or something as small as negotiating with your child about what they can wear to school that day. However, whilst we all negotiate, we are not always great at negotiating. If you do not know how to negotiate successfully, then you will always end up with the raw end of the deal, or looking like a brute when you refuse to do a deal with another party. The art of negotiation is a simple skill to have which will ensure that you always get what you want from the other party…. (READ MORE)


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