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No Words Can Describe How Beautiful This Video Is. Facebook Can Change Your Life – Stay Online

When I started this blog, I asked myself:

What should my mission be?

What type of content do I want to curate for my readers?

Why does that particular type of content matter?

Questions there were many.

That was until I came across content like this. A moving and honest rendition of how a platform like Facebook can change one’s life. How it can move mountains and connect lost souls. We all have seen the power of Facebook, and how the collective voice of the masses can help shape an outcome. In this case, an outcome for the better.

In this series I’m about to start for you guys, I am going to bring you a compilation of videos that have changed people’s lives for the better as a direct result of Facebook.

Who says Facebook is bad for you?

This one will make you cry – then smile – then cry again.

Enjoy x [youtube id= “UClzYq0T9cM” width=”667″ height=”356″]

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