Unbelievable Real-Life Facebook Stories That Will Melt Your Heart – Living 360

The impact of Facebook goes far beyond the posts, updates and pictures you see on your news feed; in many cases the platform has changed the lives of many people in tangible and unforgettable ways. Facebook chose to showcase this with a compilation of stories that show the abilities of the platform to break through barriers and help people in need. These are a few of the stories that stood out for different reasons. Twinsters The lives of Samantha Futerman and Anais Bordier w

No Words Can Describe How Beautiful This Video Is. Facebook Can Change Your Life – Stay Online

When I started this blog, I asked myself: What should my mission be? What type of content do I want to curate for my readers? Why does that particular type of content matter? Questions there were many. That was until I came across content like this. A moving and honest rendition of how a platform like Facebook can change one’s life. How it can move mountains and connect lost souls. We all have seen the power of Facebook, and how the collective voice of the masses can help sha

Facebook Turns 10 Years Old, And Mark Has A Gift For You – Thanks Zuck!

We have just celebrated Facebook’s 10 birthday and in true Zuckerberg style, he wants to say thanks to you all by inviting you to star in your own short movie. Well not exactly, but they have developed a very cool ‘back in time’ clip that will certainly make you smile. Click on: http://facebook.com/lookback To celebrate 10 amazing years of the world’s most loved (and addictive) company, we have compiled 10 amazing facts you will love. 1. Co-founder, chairman and chief executi

Facebook Use Predicts Decreases In Life Satisfaction

Ok so here’s one for all you Facebook fanatics out there. Next time you are feeling a little down, a little lonely and downright sad – it could be due to a string of reasons but in the mix should be Facebook usage. That’s right – a study by the Universality of Michigan Institute for Social Research has indicated that “rather than enhance well-being, they found that Facebook use predicts the opposite result — it undermines it.” So next time you log on and start social stalking

Can anybody recommend a yummy restaurant?

My family and I live in Robertson Quay where we are literally surrounded by over 130 restaurants, cafes and bars within a 1.5 km radius. We love dining out and are always looking to discover new places around our neighbourhood. So seeing that we are surrounded by some of the best dining choices in Singapore, places that we have walked past hundreds of times, how do you think we decide where to eat? For the most part we look at places that are busy and link it with the assumpt

Social Media Success Is Like Growing A Plant!

For those of you who know me well, know that since I was a baby, I have spent all my time online. OK, well that’s not true but now that I have your attention.. What exactly am I doing online all the time you might ask? Shopping? Stalking? Poking? Truth be told, I’m actually busy working. That’s right working! Building a vibrant social media community via multiple platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Pintrest, MySpace, My blog (to name a few) has been a top p