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Secret Revealed: How Savvy Marketers Are Selling To Women


Businesses need to learn how to sell to women- as they are the ones who are buying. We have seen Mel Gibson create an advertising campaign designed for women in the 2000 movie What Women Want, in which he learns how to create great advertising for women’s running shoes. However, from the statistics it is clear that marketers have to market all products towards women- including men’s grooming products- regardless of the fact that they are not going to be using the product themselves. Women are not just purchasing for themselves, they are purchasing for their husbands, brothers, friends and sons. Such a marketing strategy was employed by Nivea For Men in the year 2011. The brand targeted women by educating them about the benefits of using the products on their partners, persuading them to buy the products as gifts, or simply as a new grooming routine. As a result, at least 55% of women purchased at least one Nivea For Men product, and 20% purchased two or more products… (READ MORE)


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