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UNBELIEVABLE! This Weird Looking Thing Makes The Most Beautiful Music In The World. No – It&#8

From a distance, it looks like an ancient shield, used by gladiators on a Roman battlefield. Or it could even be a large turtle shell found only on warm Polynesian islands.

But NO – this my friends is an instrument called the “Hang”. This Swiss made contraption is very hard to get, because every one is handmade to perfection. ‘Hang‘ just means ‘Hand‘ in the Swiss German dialect of Berne.

Musician Daniel Waples also describes this odd instrument as the HandPan. A quote from his Facebook page reads “Spreading the gospel of the HandPan, an instrument associated with energy work and alternative healing, and one which I hope will become a Symbol for universal peace and the Inner journeys all people take pursuing their individual Paths.”

Whatever you call it, one thing is clear – it makes the most beautiful sounds to create music that will soothe the most restless of minds.

Now chill out! [youtube id= “EDQgU1CPpis” width=”667″ height=”356″]


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