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What Would You Say To Your Kids If You Knew You Were Going To Die Tomorrow?

That’s exactly the question 44-year old Garth Callaghan had to ask himself when his doctor shared the heart breaking news. Callaghan had three serious battles with cancer in the past, and on the final round his trusty doctor told him his condition was “high risk”. The sick man asked his doctor to clarify and this was his response:

 “Garth you’re going to die of this,” the doctor said.

For those of us who are parents, the tought of never seeing our children again is enough for most of us to not think straight. To live every moment with them in the present because we simply could not be part of their future. But not Callaghan.

Having been told that he had a VERY low chance of making it through the next 5 years, he decided to do something very special. He wanted to continue on a family tradition well after he leaves for heaven.


According to uproxx Callaghan has been slipping “napkin notes” into his 14-year-old daughter’s lunch box since she was in kindergarten. Each note contains inspirational words of wisdom, love and encouragement. So cute (I need to call my Daddy!).

Because he wasn’t sure that he would make it through to her senior year, this absolute darling of a father promised that his daughter would never go to school without a note – reported the promise making website Because I Said I Would .

 “I will write 826 Napkin Notes for Emma!”  Garth wrote on the cards to Emma


That would last Emma all the way through her senior year, should her father not make it that far.


As of this weekend, uproxx reports that Garth had completed 740 notes with only 86 to go before he reaches his target. Here are some of Emma’s fav’s:



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