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Women All Around The World Are Talking About “The Nipple Artist”

I think it can be said that almost everybody knows someone who has gone through or lost their lives to breast cancer. Family members, close friends and even acquaintances – people who have battled this terrible disease go to hell and back and are constantly fighting to get some normality back in their lives.

This man can help.

Meet Vinnie Meyers AKA “The Nipple Artist”.

I want everybody to watch this video so I won’t talk too much about it in my description. All I will say is that his work has brought new hope and light to many mastectomy survivors around the world.

More of Vinnie’s art can be found here.

Good job buddy – the world needs more people like you! [youtube id= “Egq2qnnXSPY” width=”667″ height=”356″]


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