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[INTERVIEW] Meet Living 360’s New In-House Doctor: Dr. Aaron Pang


Ladies & gentlemen from near and a far, please give a warm Living 360 welcome to Dr. Aaron Pang, Director of the Sainte Chapelle Group, Singapore. We are so proud that Dr. Pang will be a regular contributor on the blog and will be providing our readers an insight into the latest in the world of beauty and cosmetology.

He is a locally renowned and highly sought-after cosmetic laser surgeon who runs a successful medical aesthetic practice has made numerous media appearances in magazine and newspaper articles, radio interviews and beauty blogs. He regularly conducts seminars on the latest aesthetic treatments and has won numerous accolades including awards from Harper’s Bazaar and Cosmopolitan Magazine for his medical aesthetic work in Singapore.

Dr Pang’s passion for aesthetics and innate love for beauty has led to many successes in helping his patients to achieve their desired aesthetic outcomes. His client base comprises Singaporeans and international patients including expatriates, home-makers, students, executives, socialites, models and international beauty pageant winners.

Welcome to the Living 360 family good doctor!


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