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This Is Not a Photograph of Morgan Freeman.. Freaky!!

OK this one is for all your digital artists out there and/or anybody that appreciates good art. This unbelievably awesome painting of Morgan Freeman was created using one finger by oil painter Kyle Lambert – all on the iPad Air.

Kyle is a trained illustrator from the UK loves uploading his time lapse work of arts of many different celebrities on to YouTube, but this one of Morgan Freeman has really set the internet on fire.. claiming ‘viral’ status!

Artist Kyle Lambert is a trained oil painter and illustrator from the UK who uses his YouTube account to upload time-lapses of his impressive iPad painting projects, frequently choosing celebrities such as Freeman for his subjects.

So next time your 7 year old grabs your iPad to play a game, just think what else that device can do. The real question is, did Apple pay Kyle to create his magic on their device.. if they didn’t they certainly should.

You can’t buy better publicity if you tried!

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