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WOW!!!!! Singaporeans Have A Very Cool (And Refreshing) Way To Say Thanks To Foreign Workers

When you live in a bustling metropolis, with buildings larger than life – it’s easy to take things for granted. One of those things that many urbanites never give much thought (or respect) to are those who build our cities.

Those who build our roads, tunnels and bridges. The hard working foreigners who leave their families for the longest time only to work endless days and nights on a construction site for minimum wage.

The kind folks at Coca Cola have partnered with some warm spirited individuals to come up with a campaign that allows the community to say “Thanks” to the builders of the great city of Singapore.

We often hear of brands who use community outreach to tell a story.. nobody does it better (in this case) than Coke. [youtube id= “sj4A6g2GP30″ width=”667″ height=”356”]

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